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I remember reading in the Nikkei Weekly that a lot of Japan’s aid to SE Asia earlier this decade was of this form. While immoral, this form of aid is actually useful to the host nation. Unfortunately, my 2018 was almost as stupid and horrible as yours; no deaths fortunately, but otherwise ugly as fuck.

[…] Of all 60 indicators in the Democracy Index, women’s political participation had improved more than any other single indicator in the EIU model. DEEP SEVEN is almost certainly the Cthonians, one of Brian Lumley’s creations. You can find them in a book called The Burrowers Beneath, which I would heartily recommend for anyone who enjoys Lovecraft. A sequel, The Transition of Titus Crow is also pretty good, but I wouldn’t read any of the other sequels.

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Vastly expanding any industry very quickly is also dangerous. But if you screw up a nuclear reactor you can’t just send a tradesman around to fix the problem up – solar spills are much easier to deal with than nuclear ones. Despite both storage and piping obviously and demonstrably actually working, which then brings us to political issues. Which do you think is a bigger ask from a regulatory sense, getting someone to stake their career on removing safeguards for nuclear or approving a powerline, something that gets approved every day of the working week? Approving a peeling that meets all current regulatory standards, with no requirement for waivers…. Additionally, the wiki energy number you used was the energy in the plutonium.

Throughout 2020, as new digital solutions enter the forex market, traders will have to remember that technology cannot do all the hard work for them. While there are useful tools for identifying trading opportunities, performing technical analysis and following market developments, they are no substitute for experience and a willingness to learn. HFTrade () provides exclusive access to individual, foreign (non-US) investors interested in algorithmic trading of American stocks. The cornerstone of HFTrade’s platform is its proven algorithm, called Ruby. Investors invest their own funds through their broker, but use HFTrade’s platform to effect trades at extremely high volumes over extremely low latencies. “Low latency” in this instance means acting upon information received from market data feeds and then finalizing a trade on the sub-millisecond scale (and in some instances, on a sub-microsecond levels).

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What Daniel Duffy is suggesting is 400 “plants” consisting of 3 or 4 modern reactors each generating 1GW which would increase the amount of non-carbon nuclear generation worldwide by a factor of five or so. Haven’t had time to read the original journal manuscript, but it occurs to me you’ll also have to carefully consider the impacts on plant water use, which may increase significantly. (There’s no free lunch.) Accounting for those effects won’t be trivial in most agricultural areas, since water resources are constrained in a growing area of the world. Says he who has gone through 2 elderly parents in the last few years who needed caregivers but not full time bed care. Now I’m a bit curious, one was in an “assisted” living facility for 1 1/2 years.

  • Unfortunately, all the alarm bells clanging means that us sheeple look up perhaps a bit too early for the plotters.
  • However, I doubt most of the rural fatalities are young due to the fact that the rural population is quite elderly.
  • I could have put everything in the back of my old Explorer with room to spare.
  • Practically speaking, nostalgic White movement-in-exile did not change much ever since.
  • Because credit was limited, people had trouble financing new businesses.

Therefore, if you are attempting to capture some form of arbitrage, it is important to find out whether your broker has any anti-latency arbitrage mechanisms in place, or if it permits scalping. Yes, but your overall profitability when trading – regardless of your trading strategy – is dependent on a variety of factors, such as the size and number of trades you are making. Just because an HFT strategy uses fancy Python code or was developed by a Harvard quant doesn’t mean it will be profitable. Likewise, a simple moving average cross-over strategy or a similarly straightforward HFT system shouldn’t be dismissed for its simplicity.

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I lost my house to the bank with their “Account managers pushing me to deposit on every call they make, they are getting commission out of you depositing not withdrawaling so they will literally make you lose all your money to these scammers company. We’ve detected a number of fake reviews for this company and we’ve removed them. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences.

  • It’s too late now, but 2050 to start the build up of the winning design?
  • Big problem is when that apparently trivial ailment/medical condition escalates into something very serious so that even when they finally do get into a hospital the odds for a positive outcome are much lower.
  • “The higher-range death toll estimate of the famine is not possible”First, I’d like to comment on “death toll”.
  • The website I was referred to mentioned that the Indian government had changed the goalposts on extreme poverty, which I already knew from other sources.

That’s a different, equally well-known challenge, and it’s another researchers have been working on for decades. So when you hear about improved heat tolerance, that’s the time to celebrate a little. Instead of making bags of water a great distance from their point of consumption, you grow them where they’re going to be used. That gives you a local cycle and with high population density it’s more practical to do industrial recycling of the waste so you can get closer to a closed system. I’m not sure I see any kind of “plant-warehouse” as being ultimately profitable unless the plants are very, very valuable.

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We need it treated as the latter, with the objectives of minimising resource utilisation, environmental impact, and risk. The current Russian power-holders appear to be worried about tumbrels, mostly, and use Nationalism as a lever to defence their position – but they also remember the glory days of the First Directorate . Unfortunately, if you learned power politics on the Russian street in the 1990s, and understand Russian history, then the lessons are “Force xcritical scam works”; “Fear works”; “Keep the upper hand, or they will get their revenge”. Part of the anti-nuclear myth is that “we don’t have enough uranium” to fuel a lot more reactors that we’ve got. It’s just wrong but that doesn’t stop people, including some of the folks who comment on this blog, from trotting it out on a regular basis. I mean, sure, in theory, it requires a lot of energy to move the water past the ribbons, but you are not paying that cost.

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And as for the fact that many links are in Russian.. It’d probably be highly effective against small children, but I don’t think it’d scare birds; rather, it would attract pigeons who thought your varnish job wasn’t the most appropriate coating. Interesting news – none other than D Koch got stuck into Berejiklian this morning on Sunirise over pill testing and the latest death. xcritical scam When you lose the segment of journalism DK represents and you are a conservative politician, something is not going well for you. QLD has a female premier too, not sure who the likely competitors would be, I think the male ones are out of the running for some reason or other (the most qualified is probably Cameron Dick, but I just can’t see QLD electing him as premier ).

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Photorespiration can reduce C3 crop photosynthetic efficiency by 20 to 50%. There is, of course, a huge industry deeply invested in the US in showing their most expensive products to be safest. Insurance industry data tends to be setup to calculate risk per whatever units insurance coverage is sold in, in the US car insurance is almost always sold by the day, not by miles driven, hours drive, etc. I haven’t seen any evidence of anyone trying to control for different vehicle types being driven by different people or in different places.

“Free market capitalism”, according the the True Believers here, is that the government neither controls nor regulates businesses at all, and the Invisible Hand makes life Wonnnnderful…. They have 21 days to make a determination whether Trump is able to “discharge the powers and duties of his office” or not. It will take a two-thirds majority of BOTH houses (67 Senators & 292 Representatives) to sustain Pence & company in their coup attempt.