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This is the most advanced feature, where it is simple to recognize the NullPointerException while assembling your android app development project. This will guarantee that every variable works as a non-null and helps prevent the no. of crashes at runtime. Kotlin language’s extensions are beneficial as they permit app developers to add methods to classes without modifying the source code. In Kotlin, you can include methods on a per-user basis to classes.

This approach allows for managing vast amounts of data, reducing complicated passages of code to a couple of lines, creating independent modules, and more. But in order to experience reactive programming in its full glory, you need to choose the right programming language. These are the top useful features we have compiled to improve the android app development process. These features will indeed give you a head start in your Kotlin Android development process. Yet if you have any queries, you can connect with our Hyperlink team to ask questions, and they are there to help you out.

Kotlin developer meaning

Writing application code in Kotlin is much faster than with Java or any other framework. Kotlin was developed with productivity in mind, after all, it was created by a Software Company. It means that development with this framework is an ideal solution if you want to develop an Android native app quickly. When adding kotlin to the extensions list, the Maven plugin will generate a project that is properly configured to work with Kotlin.

Kotlin Version

The design and creation of interactive graphic user interfaces for multiple platforms. While working with API, app developers need to manage collections quite often. However, using Kotlin’s collection filtering feature, it’s simpler to tell what your resulting list should include. Kotlin- Although Kotlin has more cognitive load than Java, it requires typing fewer codes. But it would require you to spend more time thinking of the solution. It generates a byte-code that’s essentially the same as Java byte-code, meaning that there’s no measurable difference.

Kotlin developer meaning

These are really small but very useful in improving user interaction. Above all, these user interactivity takes place in an Android component known as Activity. To design seamless XML layouts and write business logic in an integrated environment, there exists a handy tool known as Android Studio. Android Studio uses Gradle, an advanced build toolkit, to automate and manage your build process.


In order to write a simple application (but not as simple as “Hello, world!”), no more than a couple of hours is required. Moreover, if you previously coded in C# or Java, the transition to Kotlin will be practically painless. Fortunately, JetBrains developers put a lot of effort into creating documentation, and it is so detailed that the basics of this programming language can be quickly mastered by schoolchildren. The Android Studio development environment provides a complete adaptation of the tools that are used in Kotlin . That is, developers can connect to the same project files in these two languages without worrying about their possible incompatibility. You simply use the functions or operators from the Android libraries for Java in the same project, and they work together seamlessly!

The demo driver that we show you how to create prints names of open files to debug output. Above all, to access the data over network (i.e. while consuming REST APIs), use Retrofit 2 library, which is a blessing from Jake Wharton to all Android developers. To save a small amount of data such as key-value pairs or typed objects you can use Jetpack’s DataStore, which uses Kotlin coroutines and Flow to store data. Data is an important part of your application and must not be ignored.

  • The addition of resteasy-reactive-jackson in the extension list results in importing the RESTEasy Reactive and Jackson extensions.
  • But getting rid of the null reference would mean breaking a lot of Java code, so that’s where Kotlin comes into play.
  • Kotlin can perform these functions while Java cannot due to its use of bytecode which can only compile code for one specific platform at once.
  • This support is also available to Kotlin, meaning that developers can update their Kotlin source code and immediately see their changes reflected.
  • Rust, Golang, Swift, and Kotlin each combine the flexibility of the traditional imperative style of programming with the robustness and expressiveness of the functional paradigm.

In the event that the function was not declared before but, nevertheless, was called directly from another function, it is called a lambda expression. These expressions carry the same practical benefits as higher-order functions. Kotlin is originally an Android app development programming language. The problem here is that not a lot of iOS developers know this language to use it in app development. So it could not be very easy to find a team that can handle this approach.

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You may need to fetch data from the server, query data from the local database, save user preferences and do file handling. The user might want to launch new Activity, move back to the previous Activity or even share data to some other app. If you know your target Activity use Explicit Intent otherwise use Implicit Intents.

You have the flexibility to use them simultaneously in your Android app development project by calling Java code from Kotlin and vice-versa since both frameworks compile to bytecode in the end. Community support- Imagine you face a problem while using either of the two frameworks for your Android app development. Let’s look at the community support in Java vs Kotlin for Android app development. Development speed- Developing a mobile app is an expensive process. One way to keep the costs down is to keep the app development time down.

Kotlin developer meaning

However, when working with Kotlin code, you must use the Kotlin form instead, which means that you now have to know two ways of making lambda expressions work. Notice that the listener is defined as part of the function signature. The signature defines the callable parameters and the resulting output.

Kotlin News: Kotlinconf, Build Reports, Dataframe Preview, And More

Furthermore, the org.acme.ReactiveGreetingResource class is implemented as Kotlin source code . The addition of resteasy-reactive-jackson in the extension list results in importing the RESTEasy Reactive and Jackson extensions. Viewing the table mentioned below, you will be easily able to analyze which programming language will best suit your Android app development project. One downside to using languages like Java or C++ is that they are not as scalable.

It’s also for the app developers from top mobile app agency to work with less code and Kotlin makes it more trustworthy with fewer bugs and errors. Also, this feature offers an array of advantages like easily readable code, easy maintenance, and easy incorporating changes at needful times. Kotlin- Unlike Java, Kotlin has extension functions which allows developers to extend a class with new functionality. All you have to do is prefix the name of the class that needs to be extended to the name of the function being created.

This fact is especially pleasing for newcomers who previously practiced Java. After all, they can now clearly ensure the correctness of the code they create, simply by supplementing the undeveloped parts of the program with Java libs. In 2017, Google declared the new support of Kotlin programming language for Android, besides existing languages C++ and Java. Also, Kotlin’s growth level has already entered a new dimension. The no. of android developers are learning & shifting to Kotlin increasingly. According to Google, more than half of top android app developers 2021 use Kotlin to build their Android apps.

Is Kotlin Better Than Java?

Having said that, Java lovers can still use their favorite language to make their Android apps. We at mDevelopers use Kotlin for Android application development services. Thanks to the fact that Kotlin is an object-oriented framework development with its use is fairly quick and the quality of end-code is always at the highest standard! Over the years we’ve developed many successful Kotlin apps, so we know what the best practices are. Thanks to that, technical debt is relatively rare in Kotlin apps. In software development, there is the phrase “technical debt”.

The error message displayed is a catch-all and typically displays an issue with the root object, which may not necessarily be the case. Welcome to this course dedicated to Kotlin, the new programming language designed for Java development platforms. Kotlin is a newer language, but has quickly grown to be one of the most popular choices for Android app development.

Working With Data

This is one of the reasons why Kotlin is on every entrepreneur’s top list. Kotlin is the no or low cost of adoption that Kotlin developer job is related to it for its usage. It’s an open-source language, so you don’t have to spend over Kotlin for its license.

In addition, it’s backed by Google, which means that Kotlin will continue to see more support and improvement as time goes on. But if I talk about the current situation, then Java is popular than Kotlin. Built-in support for singleton classes makes it easy to share functionality and states between different parts of the program. We just have to implement Connection, Parser, and Handler classes. The Connection class will receive the raw messages, parse them using the Parser’s functionality, and then pass them to the Handler, which will do the actual work.

Kotlin is a general-purpose, modern programming language that introduces functional features to support Java interoperability. It aims for heightened productivity and improved coding experience. However, Google has decided that Kotlin is as close as it gets when it comes to developing Android apps.